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Upcoming Events:

Spirit Boxes is set to go at the Rosy Rhubarb Festival in Shedden Ontario June 7th, 8th and 9th.

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Welcome to Spirit Boxes. No matter how you found your way here, I trust that there is something we have to offer that speaks to you at this time in your life. Maybe you found Spirit Boxes to help you process your own transition or perhaps you looked for us because of what another special girl or woman in your life is experiencing.Spirit Box

At Spirit Boxes we know the importance of honouring the changes that happen throughout our lifetimes - a tradition that has been fading or lost for many of us. We understand that change can be wonderful & exciting - something to celebrate; or change can be confusing and upsetting – yet something to clearly acknowledge. At times, change may even be a tremendous mix of these and other emotions

Spirit Boxes are a place to honour, value and mark the change that you or a loved one are experiencing right now - or will be experiencing soon. Spirit Boxes offer a loving and respectful holding place for your process and memories.

Every aspect of Spirit Boxes, from the colours to the artist and cover art work, has been chosen with clear positive intention and integrity - all with deep respect for women. The challenges and victories we face in life and the strength and wisdom we have to offer are often a result of the transitions we live through. 

As a psychotherapist I have had a rare opportunity to be a part of people's greatest struggles and joys - I am grateful to each person who has allowed me to be a part of their healing and growth. I have also grown as a result of each one of these interactions. With Spirit Boxes I want to reach many more women - to be able to assist in their process of fully becoming who they are meant to be. I feel honoured and privileged to have the chance to be part of your experience of change. Claim this transition and move ever more toward your own personal wisdom. Welcome.

Peace. Tanya

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